LOCKYER DEFECTS….Bill Lockyer, the (Democratic) attorney general of California, announced on Saturday that he had voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger. So why couldn’t he vote for Bustamante?

“You know the people in your profession really well,” Lockyer said, explaining why he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Bustamante. “You know who works hard and who doesn’t and you know who is honest and who isn’t. Cops know that about cops. Doctors know that about doctors. I know that about politicians.”

Cute. He must be taking lessons from Hugh Shelton.

So: was this clever and farsighted? Or really dumb and disloyal? Frankly, I’m too confused and close to having my head explode these days to know anymore. You make the call.

UPDATE: Robert Tagorda isn’t sure either, but leans toward dumb.

Ezra Klein, on the other hand, votes strongly for clever and farsighted.