EPISCOPALIAN CIVIL WAR?….Is the apointment of a gay bishop going to cause civil war in the Episcopalian church? Everybody seems to have an opinion, but Amy Sullivan, who actually is an Episcopalian, says no:

C’mon, we’re Protestants. This is what we do. We fracture over issues big and small ? slavery, female ordination, Biblical interpretation, the use of mini communion cups vs. one shared chalice ? and divide into new denominations until eventually there are 594 separate denominations each representing about four members. There was a big hoo-ha when Episcopalians voted to begin ordaining women in 1976, a bunch of bishops screamed and yelled, but pretty much everyone accepted the new state of order.

Am I being too flippant about an important issue? I don’t think so. My sense is that people have already either accepted gay ordination ? my church is currently run by a gay priest and no one really cares ? or they haven’t and call this a “pastoral emergency.” I think it’s a bluff.

Works for me.

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