WMD? WHAT WMD?….Josh Marshall reports that the administration has a problem on its hands. Short version: Iraqi scientist Mahdi Obeidi is the guy who turned over to us the centrifuge parts that he had hidden under a rosebush in his backyard. He did this after making a deal that gave him asylum in the U.S. in return for cooperating with us, but two months later he’s still being held in Kuwait.

Why? It turns out that among other things Obeidi has also told his handlers that Saddam had no chemical weapons, no biological weapons, and no nuclear program either. The CIA claims they’re holding him because they don’t think he’s telling the whole truth, but Josh spoke to a former weapons inspector who has talked to Obeidi and suggests that the real reason is that nobody is especially interested in having him go on Larry King to tell his story, so they’re holding him in Kuwait instead of giving him the asylum he thought he had bargained for.

Josh has the whole story here and, in typical Josh fashion, promises more later.

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