RECALL UPDATE….OK, here’s the official orthogonally mapped alphabetical order for the recall ballot:

R, W, Q, O, J, M, V, A, H, B, S, G, Z, X, N, T, C, I, E, K, U, P, D, Y, F, L

The way this works is that all the candidates are ordered using this pseudo-alphabet. In Assembly District 1, that’s the order they appear. In District 2, the top guy goes to the bottom. Repeat. By the time you get down to District 80 on the Mexican border, person #80 heads the ballot.

All clear? Good. Now then, how many candidates will be on the ballot? Earlier today the number bandied about was either 193 or 195 depending on who you listened to. Right now, however, the Secretary of State lists 132 confirmed candidates and 115 more under review, for a possible total of 247. This might change by the time you click on the link, but that’s what it said at 10 pm.

So don’t count your chickens yet. The winner of the Calpundit pool is still up for grabs (except for you losers who chose one and two-digit numbers), and there probably won’t be an official winner until Wednesday. You’ll just have to be patient.

UPDATE: And as long as we’re doing recall FAQs, here’s a common one: what happens if Gray Davis resigns? Answer: the recall goes forward as planned. Just thought I’d make sure everyone knows that. This freight train isn’t stopping for anyone.

UPDATE 2: And another one: why the weird random pseudo-alphabetical order for listing candidates? Answer: because several years ago some guy sued the state, claiming that research showed the first person on the ballot got an extra 5% of the vote just for being first. So now it’s random.

Too bad that guy didn’t sue the state of Florida while he was at it.

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