RECALL UPDATE….Disappointing recall news tonight: many of the fine citizens who turned in papers to run for governor have been found wanting. The Secretary of State’s latest count is 131 confirmed candidates with 40 more still under review, so the maximum will be a piddling 171 candidates.

The final candidate list will be announced Wednesday. Then all we have to do is print ballots in seven languages, get statements from all the candidates, print up the voter pamphlets, recruit poll workers, fight some court battles, and we’re all ready to go!

In other musings, it occurred to me today that Proposition 54, the initiative that’s also on the ballot, is going to have an interesting effect. Prop 54 would ban government agencies from collecting racial data and it’s certain to be a hot button among minority voters. So will Arnold come out for it or against it? It’s one thing to be vague about balancing the budget, but he’s hardly going to be able to avoid a straight answer on this. My guess is that he loses votes either way….

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