A TOASTY SUMMER FOR GRAY DAVIS….The LA Times reports that Gray Davis’ backers are getting nervous:

“Right now, we’re at the stage of encouraging our members to vote no on the recall,” said Bill Allayaud, political director for the Sierra Club, which has 200,000 members in California. But, he added, “the Sierra Club is going to consider endorsing other candidates. It’s hedging your bets, really. If this recall is going to go through, the Sierra Club has an opinion on who would be best for the environment.”

Similarly, the board of directors of the California Teachers Assn. has scheduled a special meeting next week to discuss recall strategy, including the question of whether to endorse an alternative to Davis, said Barbara Kerr, president of the union. A special committee will present various options to the board.

This doesn’t surprise me a bit, and I expect that panic will be setting in shortly. It’s pretty obvious that Davis is toast, and once that fact sinks in completely his supporters are going to bolt. They’ll pretend not to, of course, but bolt they will.

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