IS ARNOLD A BULLY?….Mickey Kaus on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Schwarzenegger’s reputation, meanwhile ? which I’ve heard from one reliable source, one eyewitness ultra-reliable source, and one unreliable Premiere article ? is this: He bullies people “below the line.” That is, he bullies the technicians, costumers, etc. who aren’t billboardable talents. Is it to get his way? No ? he’s the star and he’s going to get his way anyway. It’s from an ugly sense of pleasure in others’ discomfort….Will this unpleasant character trait come out in the campaign? Schwarzenegger may learn, as Howell Raines learned, that it’s harder to get away with being a bigshot prick than it used to be.

When Mickey starts comparing you to Howell Raines, things are really not going your way, are they?

So how about it, Robert? You’re our resident Arnold psychoanalyst. Is he a bully?

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