IS ARNOLD A BULLY?….PART 2….Earlier this morning I asked if Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bully. Robert Tagorda says the answer is “yes, sort of.” However:

I have no way to determine whether he “derives an ugly sense of pleasure in others’ discomfort,” although articles that have appeared in Premiere seem to suggest that it’s plausible. I doubt, however, that any of these tendencies will come out in public during the election. We might see leaks about Arnold denigrating campaign underlings, but I’d be shocked to see him unload on a reporter, even in the midst of a strenuous Q&A.

This suggests a brilliant campaign strategy for somebody: figure out a way to keep needling Arnold on a regular basis until he finally blows up. After all, it only needs to happen once!

On another recall note, the political mavens at RealClear Politics now have a special California Recall Page, complete with the latest headlines and latest polls. Check it out if you just can’t get enough of recall madness.

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