TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE….Via James Joyner, I see that Alex Frantz has some advice for the Presidential Prayer Team on the correct wording of a constitutional amendment on marriage. Here’s my analysis of Alex’s four-part proposal as it relates to my own personal marriage:

  1. Part 1 is fine. Part 2 is fine too, although I have a feeling Marian might not be too excited by it. You know how women are.

  2. Part 1 would cause some serious problems for us. Well, for Marian, anyway. Part 2 isn’t so hot either.

  3. This one is OK.

  4. This hasn’t come up yet, but if it does someone is going to have to track down my brother. But it sounds like he can probably afford the price in any case.

Is three out of four good enough?

POSTSCRIPT: On a serious note, Alex’s post reminds me of a theological question I’m curious about. Anyone who actually knows anything about Christian theology should feel free to jump in.

Here’s the question: what part of the Bible ? in the New Testament, I assume ? removes the obligation of Christians to obey the million and one rules in Leviticus and elsewhere? You know, the dietary stuff, the sexual restrictions, etc. etc. And have all the Old Testament rules been superseded by the New Testament, or only some of them? What’s the deal?

Just curious.

ANOTHER POSTSCRIPT: Speaking of James, he’s hosting Carnival of the Vanities this week. Check it out.