MADNESS WATCH…. I’m reluctant, in a way, to promote the propaganda of very conservative religious-right activists, but this video is worth watching, if only to get a sense of just how twisted opponents of gay marriage really are.

The video, by way of Ben Smith, was created by, and warns that same-sex marriage in West Virginia is “a closer reality than you may think,” because of activists who are “working tirelessly to redefine marriage away from God’s design to favor the desires of adults over the needs of children.”

At the 57-second mark, note the visual: gay people not only targeting traditional families, but are literally looking at these families through a rifle scope.

There’s no point in trying to fact-check ridiculous propaganda like this. One could point out the many times throughout history in which marriage has been redefined. Or the fact that the species will continue just fine regardless of whether gay couples get married. Or the reality that “religious freedom” has nothing to do with whether two adults can get married. Or the fact that our economy is not dependent on keeping same-sex couples from receiving legal recognition. Alas, there’s really no point. We’re talking about far-right activists who are so far gone, reason stopped mattering a long time ago.

Christy Hardin Smith and Pam Spaulding have more about the groups behind the ad, and the broader campaign.

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