WESLEY CLARK UPDATE….In the New York Times today, Michael Janofsky reports that Wesley Clark is going to run:

“It’s safe to say he wants to run,” said a longtime friend who has had frequent political conversations with General Clark. “But he approaches this like a military man. He wants to know, Can I win the battle? He doesn’t want to have a situation where he could embarrass himself, but I’m absolutely certain he wants to run.”

….”He is going to do it,” said another of General Clark’s friends. “He’s just going back and forth as to when” to announce.

In an interview from his office in Little Rock, Ark., General Clark said today that he intended to announce his decision whether he would run in two weeks or so.

….A possible date for an announcement is Sept. 19, when General Clark, who has been highly critical of Bush administration foreign policy, is scheduled to deliver a speech at the University of Iowa. The subject is “The American Leadership Role in a Changing World.”

The clock is ticking….

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