POSTWAR BLUES….A secret report prepared last month for the Pentagon gave the lowest possible grade to two aspects of the Iraq war: postwar planning and searching for WMD. Arthur Silber has the details, accompanied by some fair and balanced commentary.

The lousy postwar planning seems like simple arrogance and incompetence to me ? they figured they wouldn’t need it, so they ignored it ? but the lackadaisical nature of the WMD search is rather more puzzling. They surely took WMD seriously, so why the negligence? Was it that:

  • They were ? again ? incompetent?

  • They believed that WMD would be plentiful and easy to find, thus making extensive planning unnecessary?

  • They knew there was actually no WMD at all, so there was no reason to waste excess planning time on looking for it?

I genuinely don’t know which of these is most likely. It’s a real mystery.

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