COPS AND ID CARDS….From Blue Streak:

Any cops that happen to view this site: answer me a question, please?

What is the point of stopping someone, pedestrian or motorist, asking to see ID, then putting the ID in your pocket and sending the subject on their way?

Fully one-quarter of the clients at my agency who need assistance replacing their Cal ID need it because a uniformed officer asked to see it … then kept it. That’s $6 per ID, and the occasional $12 or $15 if we are able to assist with Driver License replacement (most of the time, we can’t – our funding can’t really support it). With the money we spend every single day replacing these ID’s – imagine how many other people could be assisted if we didn’t have to pay for someone else’s intimidation tactics.

I don’t get it. If they aren’t breaking the law & you’re not taking them in, why keep their ID?

In comments, Devra says that while she knows some people sell their IDs and may be lying about this, she knows of a number of cases where the IDs really are taken by police officers.

That’s a very curious thing, isn’t it? She didn’t really get a reply on her site, so let’s try it here. Do I have any readers who are California police officers or otherwise involved in the criminal justice system and know the answer to this?

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