FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Everybody’s in the bedroom today. Inkblot is his usual adorable self, airing out his stomach as he snoozes at the foot of the bed. Jasmine, who usually prefers sleeping in the garden, today peaks out from her hidey-hole under the bed, normally a spot that she (and Inkblot) inhabit only when the vacuum cleaner is going.

BONUS CATS (AND DOGS): Bill Sjostrom has an update on Mazal, who is now up to a whopping 10 ounces! Via email, he explains the pictures:

Because the kitten is only ten days old, she would normally need her mother to lick her regularly in order to urinate and defecate. Absent that, the kitten can die from constipation. We had stroked the kitten’s bottom as a replacement for the mother, but it was not working well, and the vet was concerned. We finally decided to let Asta start licking her, and the problem was solved almost immediately. So, pretty much, the dog saved the cat.

Let’s hear it for Asta!