FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….When I stopped doing weekly catblogging a couple of years ago, the truth is that it was because I had gotten bored of taking new cat pictures every week. That will probably happen again fairly shortly, but in the meantime catblogging is back!

Inkblot and Domino are getting along swimmingly. “Swimmingly” meaning only that they don’t go into hysterics at the sight of each other, of course. They now eat dinner together, stare at each other in a curious cat-like way (see picture on left), but otherwise leave each other alone. Inkblot occasionally takes an odd little swipe at Domino, which she treats with a casual hiss and the contempt it deserves (which is exactly how Jasmine treated it too). It’s sort of comical, really. Not only does Inkblot outweigh her by ten pounds, but it turns out that Domino’s previous owners had her declawed. Inkblot could crown himself king of the household if he wanted, but luckily his little walnut brain isn’t up to the task and peace reigns.

A few days after we got her Domino took to sleeping in the crack between two of the cushions on our sofa, which left no place for me to sit. So I went to the store and for ten bucks I bought a little oval cat bed that I put smack in the middle cushion. My goal was to train her to sleep there instead. Cats aren’t famously suitable for such training, but in this case it worked out spectacularly well. In fact, now that she’s settled in we can barely get her to move from her newfound bed. Last night, though, she apparently became convinced that something was under the bed and knocked it to the ground. Now she’s treating it with suspicion. Only temporary, I hope.