FRIDAY CATBLOGGING…. Here’s yet another view of my frequently poor working conditions here at blog central. Worse than usual, actually, since Inkblot is generally not a lap cat. (And a good thing, too. Even on a diet his geometrodynamic spacetime warping ability is considerable.)

This week we’ve tried an experiment with Inkblot. Usually we open a can of cat food each night and split it between a couple of plates. Domino wolfs down her half in about a minute or so and then walks up behind Inkblot and starts staring at him. He quickly gets nervous and heads out to the living room, leaving half his dinner to the victorious Domino.

I got to feeling sorry for him, though, so for the past week I’ve been putting his plate up on the dining room table. Domino hasn’t figured this out yet, and it turns out that without her eyes boring into the back of his neck Inkblot finishes up his dinner fine. He’s just a little too sensitive to do it while someone else is hovering around.

So: is this a good thing or a bad thing? On the plus side, Inkblot gets to finish his dinner in peace, which seems only fair. On the downside, he’s supposed to be losing weight, and Domino’s fierce gaze is probably a positive thing diet-wise. Dither dither.

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