LYING LIARS….Some people, apparently, are simply addicted to lying. There doesn’t have to be any reason behind it, and it might not even help their cause. They just can’t help themselves.

Consider this peculiar item from Al Kamen’s column in the Washington Post today:

We received a very kind request for a correction the other day from American Enterprise Institute scholar John R.Lott Jr., author of the controversial book “More Guns, Less Crime.” Lott, Loop Fans might recall, invented a young woman named Mary Rosh — a former student of his who is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 114 pounds — to defend him against critics of his work. Among other things, she called him “the best professor I ever had.”

A Loop item on May 28 accidentally implied that Lott had told our colleague Rich Morin that he used the pseudonym in e-mails. It should have said the pseudonym was used in Internet chat rooms. This is an important distinction for Lott — and perhaps for Rosh — so we are delighted to correct the record.

Aside from the fact that this does nothing except make Lott look like an obsessive anal retentive anyway, it’s also a baldfaced lie. Lott did use the Mary Rosh pseudonym in emails, including four that he/she sent to me. They’re all sitting right here in my Outlook inbox, including his final one on January 22 titled “Sorry,” in which he fessed up to his deception.

Why would anyone tell a lie like this that doesn’t even do him any good? Is it just habit?

Whatever it is, it’s pathetic.