EXPEDIA COMMERCIALS….I’ve been watching the U.S. Open for two weeks ? congratulations, chocolate makers! ? and this means that I’ve seen about a thousand repetitions of the Expedia commercials. And I’ve noticed something odd: there are three of them, and they all star women.

There’s the businesswoman cursed to fly to Cleveland with “Cooper.” There’s the woman looking for a tropical vacation spot for herself and her husband. And there’s a woman trying to set up a family reunion with mom and dad.

As is typical of self-absorbed males, I suppose I wouldn’t have noticed anything amiss if all three of these ads had starred men. But in the event, I did notice something, and it made me wonder why. Nothing happens by accident in commercials, and that means the Expedia folks did this deliberately.

Why? Men use computers more than women, they use the internet more than women, and I imagine they watch tennis matches more than women, so you’d think men would be in the sweet spot of Expedia’s demographic. Could it be that, despite that, more women than men use Expedia? Or is it just the opposite and the Expedia folks want to widen their appeal?

I know this doesn’t matter a bit, but after watching the infamous “Cooper” for two weeks straight, my brain is tired and it just got me to wondering. What’s up?