WHO IS LEE R. WEST?….AND WHY DO 51 MILLION PEOPLE HATE HIM?….Judicial activism has finally gone too far:

A government plan to allow millions of Americans to block telemarketing calls to their homes was stalled yesterday by a federal judge who said Federal Trade Commission overstepped its authority to create a national do-not-call list.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Lee R.West in Oklahoma City threw a large question mark over the federal government’s plan that was to go into effect next week.

….The ruling, handed down late Monday, caught government officials by surprise and today FTC officials and key congressmen were scrambling to try to make sure the list goes into effect as planned next Wednesday.

I am now ready to become a Republican. Unless this Lee R. West guy is a Republican, of course, in which case I will register myself a second time as a Democrat.

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