WHO IS EDWARD W. NOTTINGHAM?…AND WHY DO 51 MILLION PEOPLE NOW HATE HIM?….Judicial activism must be stopped! Conservatives are playing mind games with me, and it’s obvious now that resistance is futile. They win. Judges must be restrained from overruling the will of the people:

A federal judge in Denver late today ruled that the government’s plan to curb unsolicited telemarketing calls was unconstitutional, another blow to plans to implement a national do-not-call list next week.

The decision by U.S. District Judge Edward W. Nottingham was announced late today after Congress, in a rare display of speed and bipartisanship, voted to overturn another federal judge’s decision this week to halt the government’s plan to allow Americans to block telemarketing calls to their homes.

….”There is no doubt that unwanted calls seeking charitable contributions are as invasive to the privacy of someone sitting down to dinner at home as unwanted calls from commercial telemarketers,” Nottingham wrote. But by exempting charitable solicitations, the FTC “has imposed a content-based limitation on what the consumer may ban from his home . . . thereby entangling the government in deciding what speech consumers should hear.”

I recommend that Edward W. Nottingham be subjected to the same abuse that greeted Lee R. West this morning:

Egged on by talk show hosts and angry Web sites, people have flooded West’s office and home with calls and faxes, apparently trying to show him why they wanted to ban unsolicited sales calls.

“They are just calling to tie up our lines,” said Rick Wade, operations manager at the district clerk’s office. “They just keep calling to harass us, like the telemarketers harass them, I guess.”

Yeah, you guessed right.

You know, if telemarketers thought they were hated before, they haven’t seen anything yet. There are going to be mobs with torches and pitchforks outside the DMA’s headquarters before long.

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