THE LEAKEES ARE NOW THE LEAKERS….Via Atrios, the Guardian’s Julian Borger gives us the word on the street about who leaked Valerie Plame’s name to reporters (via an audio report):

Several of the journalists are saying privately, yes it was Karl Rove who I talked to. Now, the thing is that the journalists are not going to name Karl Rove publicly because you don’t name your sources, and to do so would discredit them as journalists. So the White House is safe for the time being, but Karl Rove’s name is very much out there.

But Rove says it wasn’t him:

Rove curtly denied any role in leaking Wilson’s wife’s name. Asked by an ABC News reporter Monday outside his home in Washington whether he was Novak’s source, the top White House aide replied, “No.”

The same story quotes a political pro “close to the White House” saying he doesn’t think anyone senior in the White House was behind this leak: “It’s not how anybody leaks,” the strategist said. “You know us. We’re pros. If you want to leak, you call one reporter.”

We’ll see. Political sophisticates have done stupider things than this before.

In any case, if it’s true that reporters are privately telling each other who it was that called them back in July, this isn’t going to stay a secret for much longer. That’s especially true if the White House really did call six or more reporters with this leak, since that means that if the names come out there’s no way of knowing which reporter ratted.

Stay tuned.