CLARK’S CAMPAIGN MANAGER QUITS….Donnie Fowler, Wesley Clark’s campaign manager, has quit:

Fowler has complained that while the Internet-based draft-Clark supporters have been integrated into the campaign, their views are not taken seriously by Fabiani, Klain and other top advisers, many of them based in Washington. He has warned Clark’s team that the campaign is threatening to be overly focused on Washington, a charge leveled against Gore’s campaign in 2000.

Early stumbles like this aren’t necessarily ruinous, but they sure look bad. Clark better get control of his campaign forthwith, especially considering how little time he has.

UPDATE: Nothing about this on Clark’s blog. I guess they deserve a couple of minutes ? but no more! ? to get their story straight, but they ought to address it there.

UPDATE 2: OK, they’ve got something now, but jeez, it took them a full two hours to react. Come on, this is internet time here! There’s no room for slackers!

UPDATE 3: Clark is still pulling down $30,000 for giving speeches even though he’s an announced presidential candidate? Even if this isn’t an election law violation, it seems really dumb.