CLARK ON BUSH….Just to clean up a bit of business from the weekend, I wrote on Saturday that Bush’s plan to accelerate the handover of power to Iraqis sounded a lot like Wesley Clark’s proposal and then added, “I assume that Clark approves of Bush’s change in plan and I hope that rather than instinctively attacking it he’s smart enough to say so.” Today Clark showed that he’s smart:

Clark’s comments, at a session with USA TODAY and Gannett News Service reporters and editors, came as the Bush administration was accelerating the turnover of civilian authority to Iraqis. Clark praised the decision as a move “in the right direction” but said no regime was likely to succeed if Saddam stayed on the lam.

That’s the right attitude to take. Give him credit if you think he’s right, but keep up the pressure everywhere else.

On the other hand, can we talk about that flag burning amendment thing….?

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