RUSH’S “MISFORTUNE”….Jonah Goldberg wants to write a column about how the left is whooping it up over Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction:

I want to write my syndicated column on the drug-problem hooplah. If you’ve seen particularly nasty celebrating about the guy’s misfortunes, please send examples (as always, preferably with URL, dates etc) to by noon. Thanks.

For crying out loud Jonah, if the left is really making a big deal out of this it shouldn’t be too hard to find examples on your own. You’ve even got access to Google and Nexis, don’t you?

The folks over at NRO do this kind of thing constantly, and it bespeaks not only an unflattering laziness but an especially egregious form of political hackdom. The question here isn’t whether the left has been unfair to Limbaugh ? a guy who practically begs for unfair treatment, after all ? the question is how to prove it even if you don’t have any special reason to think it’s really true in the first place.

I suppose everyone does this occasionally, but you’re at least supposed to keep it to yourself. After all, if you’ve already given away the fact that lefty gloating over Limbaugh isn’t widespread enough to provide you with plenty of good examples on your own, maybe it’s not a point worth making?

But I’ll help you out anyway, Jonah. Here’s the best gloating I’ve seen yet from the left, er, right, er, left. Well, from somewhere. In any case, it’s pretty good gloating.

UPDATE: Oh, and you did catch ?ber-lefty Robert Scheer’s take, didn’t you?

ANOTHER UPDATE: More gloating from the left, Jonah!

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