STUDENTS FOR BUSH….Tom Bevan has an interesting post about support for President Bush among college students. Bottom line: it’s pretty high.

Normally I’d have something to say about this, but my brain isn’t working right now, so I don’t. Maybe some college students will comment on this.

Besides, I need to walk up to the drugstore and get some of those zinc lozenges. I’ve been meaning to try them for years, but (assuming they work at all) they only work if you take them right away and I always forget about them until I’ve had a cold for a few days. This one is only a few hours old, so it’s perfect timing.

(So why haven’t I ever bought some and just kept them at home so they’re at the ready for my next cold? I dunno. I guess that would have been a pretty good idea. It just goes to show one of the failings of the just-in-time inventory system that I use to run my life.)

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