SURVIVOR….I got an email earlier today asking if I’d do a Survivor thread if Jonnie Fairplay got the boot tonight. I agreed, but said that I was plumping for Osten to get dumped myself.

Well, thanks to one those famous Survivor twists, we almost got to see both of them shipped home tonight. In the end, though, Jon eked out another few days of life and it was Shawn and Osten who got kicked off the island. I enjoyed seeing Osten get what he so richly deserved, and was amused to see that Jeff was so obviously disgusted with the guy.

Anyway, the obvious topic for discussion is: which two outcasts are going to get voted back into the game? Let’s hear it.

(Survivor bashing is welcome too, especially if wittily done. And feel free to work in some 24 commentary too if you like. The whole “Jack is a drug addict” thing seems pretty lame to me, I’m afraid….)

AMUSING SIDENOTE: As I was preparing the links for this post I read Osten’s bio for the first time: “He feels he’s ready for Survivor because of his mental stability, patience, wisdom, resourcefulness and God’s blessing.” I don’t know how God feels about Osten, but otherwise this has to be one of the all-time champions in the self-delusion sweepstakes, wouldn’t you say?

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