BACK TO THE FUTURE….This can’t really be true, can it?

The year-long review of future directions for the U.S. space program is rapidly drawing towards selection of a policy path, Spacelift Washington has learned from sources close to the deliberations.

….As of late October, sources indicate that a central recommendation is likely, but not certainly to be resumption of manned lunar flights….Sources indicate the policy review has been a deliberative process “not driven by any crash program mentality” but focused on how a new major manned space goal could both mobilize the U.S. space industry as well as boost morale at NASA.

A manned mission to the moon? To boost morale at NASA? They can’t possibly be serious, can they? Perhaps in the same speech President Bush can announce a national program to develop tasty orange flavored drinks and nonstick frying pans.

Better yet, maybe he could actually do something genuinely conservative and privatize the whole mess.