BCS UPDATE….Gotta say, USC looks really good this season. Sure, 45-0 isn’t that big a deal against Arizona, but they rolled over them from the opening kickoff and never lost focus for even a single series. This team has come a long way from the OT loss to Cal, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, since our last three games are against nobodies our strength-of-schedule component is going steadily up (which is bad in BCS land), while Ohio State’s is heading down fast thanks to games against #11 Purdue this week and #5 Michigan next week. If both teams win their remaining games, this is going to be the tightest race for the BCS #2 spot ever, and the deciding factor will probably be the poll results. Kinda nostalgic, really.

USC might eke it out regardless, thanks to the longtime tradition that poll rankings never decline unless you lose a game, but even that might not be enough. Let’s face it: our best hope is for Ohio State’s endless run of miracles to finally go up in smoke next week against Michigan. Go Wolverines!