BCS UPDATE….Since college football is fundamentally a conference-based system, with most teams playing only three non-league games each year, I’ve always figured the BCS should match the two best teams from different conferences. So putting USC’s last minute meltdown to one side, the BCS turned out just the way it should have this year, matching Ohio State against Florida rather than mounting an all-Big 10 rematch. It’s the only way we’ll ever know if Ohio State and the Big 10 are really as good as everyone thinks.

Besides, there are two coaches this decade who have been so outlandishly successful that they seem like they must have inked a deal with the devil sometime around 2001: Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer. If Carroll has to miss the BCS game this year, there’s no one I’d rather see get a shot at it than Meyer. I want to see if the devil is an honest man.

Besides, this result also gives us USC-Michigan in the Rose Bowl, which is yet another chance to see if the Big 10 is as good as our friends in the heartland think it is. And another chance to see how honest the devil is…..

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