BCS WOES….Auburn fans are unhappy with the BCS. J.A. Adande quotes Joe Piazza, whose brother owns an embroidery store in town:

“I don’t think the computers can do the job that we think they should do. And I don’t think people are going to vote the way we think they should vote. So I’ve got problems both ways. And that’s the Auburn bias coming out.”

That’s admirably honest. And believe me, Joe, we USC fans feel your pain after getting the BCS shaft last year.

It’s puzzling that Division 1 university presidents and coaches continue to be so opposed to a playoff system. The official excuse is that it lengthens the season too much, but that doesn’t hold water. The BCS championship game is usually played around January 4, and if you had a four-team playoff you could play the two semifinals on New Year’s Day and the championship game a week later. It would extend the season for two teams by about three days.

And it would mean we’d get a consensus winner, just like every other college sport. There have been many years in which more than two teams had a legitimate claim to being #1, but I can’t ever remember a year in which more than four teams did. A four-team playoff is all that’s needed.

So why not do it? I don’t know. But the likely answer, as with everything related to college football, is money. Follow the money.