CONVERSATIONS….First conversation, Blockbuster, 3:13 PM:

CLERK: That’s due back Saturday at noon.

ME: But it says it’s due on noon of the third day. Saturday is only two days away.

CLERK: Yeah, that’s how some people count.

ME: ?

CLERK: Well, technically you could have rented this any time today. [Blockbuster opens at 10 AM –ed] So today counts as the first day and Saturday is the third day.

ME: That’s not the way I usually count.

CLERK: No, some people count differently. But we’re not trying to make it confusing.

Second conversation, fish counter at Gelson’s, 3:25 PM:

ME: What’s Scotch salmon? How is it different from Atlantic salmon?

CLERK: It comes from Scotland.

ME: Oh.

At least I didn’t ask him where the Chilean sea bass comes from.