PREVENTING 9/11….Were the 9/11 attacks preventable? Glenn Reynolds says yes:

In fact, they might have been prevented, had dropped balls at the FBI (which led to morbid speculation by field agents that Osama had a mole at headquarters) not frustrated the Moussaoui investigation.

But then there’s this:

The story linked above is right to heap scorn on Condi Rice’s statement that the attacks were unimaginable before they happened. There was plenty of reason to imagine them before they happened. That in itself doesn’t mean that they could have, or even should have, been prevented — I can imagine a lot of things that I couldn’t prevent — but Rice’s statement has always struck me as absurd to the point of being insulting.

(Italics mine.)

Can anyone figure out what the hell he’s talking about? I’m not even trying to be snarky. I just can’t imagine what he might have in mind.

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