MIRACULOUS CAT?….This is just annoying:

Missing cat found in faraway state

The O’Connor family has its own Christmas miracle: Its cat that had been missing for two months was found clear across the country.

That’s amazing! How did a cat manage to make its way clear across the country? And in only two months?

He didn’t. The O’Connors were shipping their cat from Seattle to Rhode Island when he escaped from the shipping container. He was found two months later in Seattle, right where you’d expect. It’s true that by this time he was clear across the country from the O’Connor family, who had driven to Rhode Island, but that doesn’t really count as much of a miracle, does it?

Stupid CNN. On the other hand, I can personally attest to one of these miraculous cat stories of my own (sort of). A friend of mine had a cat who got cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. After several months and several thousand dollars the cat wasn’t really improving and one day he disappeared. Apparently he’d gone off to die, which isn’t all that unusual.

A year later he started meowing at my friend’s door. He was back, completely recovered, and lived happily for another five years. We called him the “wonder cat” after that.

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