FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….These pictures were taken a couple of days ago during sunnier times. Today is duck weather, not cat weather. But I like these pictures. Inkblot looks very serene snoozing among the plants, and Domino looks very sleek and feline.

Today, though, we have a more serious lesson for you: don’t pack your cat when you take a business trip. Seth Levy and his wife, Kelly, found this out the hard way after Kelly noticed that their cat was missing:

She tore the house apart looking for the cat, who had been spayed just days before. She and her dad took out bathroom tiles and part of a cabinet to check a crawl space and papered the neighborhood with “lost cat” signs.

Then she got a phone call.

“Hi, you’re not going to believe this, but I am calling from Fort Worth, Texas, and I accidentally picked up your husband’s luggage. And when I opened the luggage, a cat jumped out,” Kelly Levy quoted the caller saying.

Cats love luggage. You have been warned.