FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….After last week’s catblogging, I got this email from a reader:

My three-year-old granddaughter spends the night with us every Friday — and today she came in the door, demanding to see Inkblot. Thought that might make you smile.

It did! More details arrived later:

She is promoting PA, she tells people about “Nana’s friend Kevin and his silly cat Inkblot…”

This one’s for you, kiddo! Around here, catblogging is sort of like those playgrounds at McDonalds: a way of developing brand loyalty among impressionable young children. Cats today, universal healthcare wonkery tomorrow! Inkblot is a critical cog in our vast left-wing conspiracy to brainwash our youth and eventually take over the world.

And Domino too, I’m sure — though neither one seems to be aware of their place in history. My goal this week was to get a picture with the sun shining directly in her face, to give you an idea of what she actually looks like. In most of the pictures, her face just looks like a shadowy blob. This one is a little better.

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