FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….The days are numbered for my beloved old Nikon Coolpix digital camera with the rotating middle. Soon, catblogging will be brighter, sharper, more colorful, better focused, and more image stabilized. Soon.

But not yet. Today the Nikon continues to crank out catblogging fodder. On the left is Inkblot, lurking on the stairs and seemingly looming out of the shadows. It didn’t look like that in real life, of course. But the crappy dynamic range of the Nikon’s CCD makes Inkblot look ever so much more dramatic than he really is, so score one for obsolete technology.

And what was Inkblot staring at? Do I even need to tell you? A few feet up the stairs, there’s Domino sitting on the landing and looking slightly alarmed at the vast Inkblottian presence. Her response? “Grrrr.” My response? Say that to the camera, sweetie.

By the way, here’s an update on Inkblot’s weight loss. As our vet told us, there was nothing unusual about it, and he’s plateaued at about 17-18 pounds, down from 22. And it’s made a difference. Not a huge one, but he’s unquestionably more lively these days than he used to be. So that’s good. Except for Domino, who’s gained weight on the diet cat food and doesn’t really appreciate Inkblot’s increased desire to play. Her response? “Grrrr.”

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