FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Ah, the first catblogging of 2004….

Even though I’m a little rushed today I didn’t want to disappoint my loyal catblogging fans, so here are a couple of quick snapshots done by Marian with her new camera. Inkblot and Jasmine have wisely decided to snooze away the new year, just as they did last year. They have no opinion about the November election as long as the winner promises to safeguard the nation’s cat food supply from mad fish disease.

For camera folks, the new camera is a Nikon 3100, which seems to be quite a nice device. It’s very small and light, it uses Compact Flash memory, which is both cheaper and available in larger sizes than the other formats, it takes ordinary AA batteries, it’s butt simple to use, and it takes pretty good pictures. I myself am still loyal to my twistable Nikon 995 with its wide angle lens, but it’s also pretty bulky and the flash doesn’t work very well. For most normal people, the 3100 is a much better camera.