FRIDAY CATBLOGGING….This is it. Possibly the last catblogging pictures ever taken with my old camera. Sniff. On Christmas I’ll put up my traditional Inkblot ornament photo, and then I’ll be off for a week, which means potential guest catblogging. (Exciting!) Then, in January, I’ll unveil new and improved Friday Catblogging, thanks to advanced consumer technology.

So here’s the final Irvine-based catblogging of 2007. Domino is upstairs, dramatically outlined in a lovely, warm patch of sunshine in the bedroom. She’ll follow this sunshine all day: first to the stairs, then into the dining room, and eventually up on my desk in the study. Then, when the sun goes away, it’s off to the pod for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Inkblot is staring upward wondering what all the fuss is about. He wants me to come downstairs and open the door so he can frolic in the backyard. And so I did.

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