CAT BLOGGING FRIDAY….REMOTE EDITION….Actually, if I felt like going to the trouble, I could do catblogging with Inkblot and Jasmine today. But accessing my desktop remotely is just too much trouble, and I&J have had their furry mugs displayed often enough anyway. A break would do their swollen feline egos some good.

Instead, I’ll do remote catblogging today:

  • Mary Kay Kare agrees that Inkblot and Jasmine are overexposed and urges everyone to come take a look at Loki and Dominic. Looks like it’s still Christmas at MK’s house.

  • Chris Tweney’s cat Zoom looks a lot like Inkblot. You can see him here and here.

  • John Farr finally got pushed over the edge last week and decided to join the catblogging craze sweeping the nation. Hobbes and Sherlock are here.

There you go. If you’re not too lazy to click a few links you’ve got a full Friday’s worth of catblogging right there. Use it wisely.

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