FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING…. Marian and I are heading up to LA in a few minutes to see a taping of the Bill Maher show, but I really couldn’t let the previous post sit like a leaden blob at the top of the blog for the rest of the day, could I?

So….as long as we’re on the subject of leaden blobs….here’s an extremely rare picture of Inkblot and Jasmine in close proximity. You can see who the alpha cat is. This happened right after I had opened a fresh new bag of cat food, always an eagerly awaited treat, and both cats came trotting into the kitchen to chow down. But despite the fact that he outweighs her about 3:1, Inkblot just sat there looking sorrowful while Jasmine gorged herself. It’s pretty obvious that he is, if you’ll excuse the expression, pussy whipped.

And that’s why I only watch Bill Maher, I don’t write for him…..

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