FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Over on the left is Inkblot in his favorite postion: rolled over on his back waiting for someone to come along and scratch his tummy. It usually works. On the right, Jasmine is also showing off her tummy to the world, but her attitude is look-but-don’t-touch when it comes to belly rubbing.

Poor Inkblot is spending most of his time this week trying to escape from his mean parents who keep sticking a mean eyedropper into his mouth and squirting mean refrigerated liquid into him. HE…DOES…NOT…LIKE…THIS. But it’s for your own good, Inkblot! (And how many times have you heard that before?) Ah, well, it’s nothing serious though, and he’ll be better in no time. The medicine, oddly enough, seems to smell like bananas. Why couldn’t they make it smell like tuna?

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