FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….A mockingbird has been visiting us recently, relentlessly mocking our cats with loud calls and aggressive divebombing expeditions. Jasmine, up a tree on the left, is determined to put a stop to this insulting behavior. So far, her lack of wings has prevented any semblance of success.

Inkblot, typically, doesn’t really care. You’ve got to stop and smell the roses sometimes in life, and even if he doesn’t know a rose from a camellia he’s pretty determined to make this his life motto. (Actually, “stop to smell the cat food” is probably closer to the truth.)

And for those of you who like both cats and the 2nd Amendment, Jane Finch has your bonus cat picture today.

UPDATE: The Springfield Technical Community College Library weblog (yes, really) reminds us that June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month. Potential adoptees (for Massachusetts residents, anyway) are here.

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