FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Was Valerie Plame really an undercover agent for the CIA? Was she outed as an act of political revenge? My cats are on the fence about the whole thing.

Ha ha ha. Yes, that’s what passes for humor around here. Sorry. In any case, our cats do like roaming around on our fence for some reason, and you can find them up there almost every day. And if you’re wondering why Jasmine is licking her chops in the picture on the right, I don’t know. Perhaps she has just spied a hummingbird that she (wrongly) thinks she can catch for lunch.

BONUS CATS: Over at Cogicophony, Kenneth Cavness has pictures of his cats, Tybalt the Fat and Cordelia the Demonic. And Ted Barlow sends along a link to Cat Town, a peculiar site dedicated to, um, cats and towns.

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