FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….My mother just got back from Hawaii ? where she apparently spent most of her time trying to lure cats into her room with saucers of milk ? so in honor of her return this week’s cat blogging features the CalMom’s cats: a rare photo of the reclusive Lucy (on the left) and a not-so-rare photo of the lovely Cadbury preening in front of the piano (on the right).

BONUS CATS: First, for the over-18 crowd, we have Live Nude Cats. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Then we have the heartwarming tale of Gizmo, a 6-week-old kitten rescued from solitary confinement after being arrested by the New York transit police. Finally, CNN reports on the latest consumer electronics fad from Japan: a device that translates meows and purrs into human language.

BONUS DOGS: We’re all for equal time for the opposition here at Calpundit, so for you dog lovers out there we have Pathological Dog Adoration Alert from Rachel Lucas today. And Stephen Green, taking a break from his cookbook, has pictures of his 17-week puppy Xander. Even for a cat guy like me, Xander is almost intolerably adorable.

I’m off for some more blood tests and an X-ray now. Back later.

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