FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Since yesterday was my mother’s birthday, today we have pictures of her cats. (Hey, where do you think my love of cats came from, anyway?)

On the left is Cadbury, who is convinced she is the most beautiful cat in the world. And maybe she’s right! On the right is….um, Lucy. She’s the little black blob in the very back. Do you see her? Lucy is a shy cat and I haven’t succeeded yet in taking a picture of her.

Bonus cats: John Scalzi has a cute new kitten here, and Henry Farrell has a pair of them here.

“Mental Magpie” Elisabeth Riba has a pair of cats who, like mine, enjoy reading the newspaper. Also like mine, they appear to simply absorb the news by osmosis, as opposed to the inefficient “reading” technique that we humans use.

Finally, Ben Longman points us to yet more dressed up Japanese cats. Yikes.

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