FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….It’s been getting mighty chilly here in Southern California, with temperatures plunging well below 70 degrees some days. Inkblot has taken to solving this problem by burrowing under the blankets in the morning (and practically pushing Marian out of bed in the process), where he stays until outdoor temps are more to his liking. This picture shows him at his saucer-eyed best.

Jasmine, meanwhile, learning a lesson from Greek mythology, hopes that by climbing a tree and getting closer to the sun she’ll get warmer. I guess it must be working since she’s up there every day, snoozing away in a crook in the branches. (In this picture she’s on her way down. I’d take a picture of her up in her little cat-nest if I could, but she’s such a camera hog that she instantly abandons whatever she’s doing and heads toward me whenever she sees me taking pictures.)

BONUS CATS: Reader Amy Brewer sends along a link to this animated cat, which will purr and meow if you treat it right. Jenn Manley Lee has a photoshopped guest cat up today and promises more later, while James Joyner has finally given us a picture of his cats too. And Defective Yeti compares the camouflage abilities of his cat with those of a spotted amphibian of some kind. The cat needs some work.

Elsewhere, Xrlq (don’t ask) discusses his theory of why liberals like cats and conservatives like dogs. Because liberals are smarter and lazier? Just remember, though: cat blogging Friday is an invective-free zone, so only witty and entertaining responses are allowed.