SUNDAY CAT BLOGGING….Come on Max, if you’re going to challenge the Calpundit cats, at least pick something hard. This is almost insulting.

As you can see, all Inkblot needs is a bottle of beer and he’s ready for some NFL action. Plus, he can lick his own butt if the spirit takes him. Can you do that?

And as long we’re doing some bonus cat blogging, today is cat duet day. First, The Little Professor offers a photo of an extremely handsome pair named Disraeli and Victoria. (I might try to make sport of such extravagant names if my parents hadn’t named a pair of pet rats Beatrice and Benedick when I was a kid….) And although Elayne Riggs’ cats made an appearance here just a couple of weeks ago, this picture really shows them in all their whale/minnow glory. Check ’em out. And Elayne points us to Trish’s latest cat pics as well.

Naturally I’m pleased that Friday Cat Blogging has caught on, but where are all the dog owners? Shouldn’t they be striking back with Wednesday Dog Blogging or something?

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