FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….I don’t know what Inkblot is peering at. Probably a dust mote or something. Jasmine is most likely staring at a hummingbird about to make a strafing pass.

BONUS CATS: Alan Schussman, who expresses some doubts about the whole pet blogging thing, and who doesn’t even own a cat anyway, nonetheless brings us his own Cat Blogging: Frijole Negro, proud wearer of a cat-sized ten-gallon hat. Really.

Bill Sjostrom has the latest photo updates of Mazal, who’s looking healthy and happy these days. Healthy enough to take ownership of the dog’s doghouse, anyway.

And finally, courtesy of John Bailey, we have some cat poetry, “The helping of cats”:

Today we have the helping of the cats.
Yesterday we had the small upchuck on the carpet
and noisy fur-ball production on the path, but today,
today we have the helping of the cats.

Helping to photograph roses in the garden,
identifying the best angle by sitting on it.

Helping to clean the table, moving dust with a furry tail
from there to another place, where a duster won’t reach.

Helping to trim the evening casserole meat
with such eager eyes, watching every knife-snick,
questioning the suitability of each piece for the pot,
each piece that would surely be better inside a cat.

Yesterday, we had a hindrance of cats but today,
happily, today we have the helping of the cats.

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