FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….Today is portrait day. Jasmine is on the left, Inkblot is on the right. (But you knew that already, didn’t you?)

Today’s bonus cat is a poem, Philosophy Killed the Cat, from reader Ian Davis. And on the more general animal front, A Skeptical Blog warns us not to buy our kids cute little bunnies for Easter. At the very least, read his words of warning first, straight from the mouth of a certified rabbit lover who owns (by my count, anyway) eight rabbits at the moment.

Finally, do you wish you could have cat pet blogging day for your own lovable little critters? Now you can! Jay and Jane at The Daily Rant are planning Pet Blogging Day for this Monday, so if you want your pet to get its rightful due, go read the rules (yes, there are rules) and then send them a picture or two this weekend. Apparently Jay is whining about the lack of dog entries, so all you dog lovers out there should take special note.

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