FRIDAY CAT BLOGGING….There’s nothing quite like watching skilled craftsmen at work. They know what needs to be done, they go about it with no wasted motion, and the end result always seems like it’s been somehow kissed by a magical and merciful God.

So it is with sleeping cats. Sleeping is what they were put on Earth to do, and they do it well. Nay, not just well, but with a purity of purpose we mere humans can merely dream of.

On the left, Jasmine is curled up in between the pillows on our bed, which is where she sleeps every night. (It’s where she starts sleeping, anyway. Where she ends up by morning is another question entirely.) On the right, Inkblot, the master of sleep himself, is conked out on his favorite afghan, his preferred sleeping spot of the moment. He’ll have a new one in a couple of weeks.

Bonus cats: good news for those of you for whom cat blogging once a week is not enough: the Meow Mix cat food company is launching “Meow TV” on May 30th. This is not the 24/7 cat TV you might be hoping for, but it will have to do until something better comes along. And Ben Longman, who doesn’t actually own a cat himself for sad but necessary reasons, wants to get into the cat blogging act anyway. Here’s the result.

And dogs? Looks like they’re mostly just handy for homeland security….